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STONEKOR Diamond Tooling Concrete Polishing Diamonds 4 Segments Velcro backing

1 Diameter: 3"(76/83mm)

2 Segment Shape: Rectangle

3 Segment Size: 30x12x8mm or made as your demand.

4 Segment No.: 4 segments.

5 Grit: 6#, 18/20#, 30/40#, 60/80#, 120# grit and 200# or made as your demand

6 Bond Type: soft, medium and hard bond.

7 Backing system: STONEKOR Velcro

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    Leading Diamond Grinding Pucks are designed for all purpose grinding on a wide range of substrates. We offer the following grits 6, 18/20, 30/40, 60/80, 120/150 and 200# grits. 

    These pucks come with velcro backed fit STONEKOR machines. These popular designed pucks in many bonds and designs to cover a wide range of machines in the market. 

    The radial shape enables machines to ride smoothly up and over existing expansion joints while minimizing chipping and reducing stress to machine gears, couplers, and belts. 

    The beveled edge diamonds are also very helpful when attempting to grind without creating noticeable scratch marks on an uneven floor. We will help you find the right bond and diamond surface area to make your machine perform its best.

    Hard Bond: For soft abrasive concrete /mortar; This Harder metal bond segment gives longer life in abrasive applications

    Medium Bond: For Medium /Hard concrete and removal of light chemical residue, paints

    Soft Bond: Softer bond offers fast grinding for very hard concrete






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