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Cyclone Swirl Diamond Floor Pad

Diameter: 5"(125mm), 7"(180mm), 9"(220mm), 11"(270mm), 13"(325mm), 17"(430mm), and 20"(500mm)

Grit: 30#, 50#, 100#, 200#, 400#, 800#, 1500# and 3000#.

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    Cyclone Nylon Base Concrete Floor Pads for grinding & polishing overlays & concrete.

    The Honey Swirl Diamond Polishing Pads are designed to work on marble, stone, and more.  The pads are to be used in conjunction with a floor machine and have a normal 7 step grit progression.  

    Great for restoring marble and stone from start to finish.  

    Works well with lippage.

    Cyclone Nylon Base Concrete Floor Pads

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